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Our Products & Services

“Lives are like rivers: Eventually they go where they must, not where we want them to.”
As Etosha Gardens, we provide the following Products & Services to our clients.

Our Products

1. Burial Plots
As a well furnished cemetery, we are offering burial plots(graves) as one of our main product readily available at all our section.

Our Services

1. Water & Toilets
2. Chairs & Umbrellas
3. Pictures & Live Videos(only when permitted)

Future Products & Services

As a rapidly growing and competitive company, we are looking forward to provide the following products and services.
1. Crematorium & Nitche Units
2. Tombstones & Flowers

We make Etosha Gardens an ultimate destination of choice.

Our Terms & Conditions

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Lawn level Burial

Families and friends can choose from one of three types of graves that are available:

  • The traditional one grave one burial
  • Bunker graves(one grave with 2 burials)
  • Mausoleum.

Cremation Services

Niche Units hold cremated human remains(Urns) after act of cremation, and will then be stored safely in the wall of the Mausoleum

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Our Promise

Etosha Gardens promises to provide high quality burial space with upmarket land scapping, hence creating a better place where one can bury their loved ones with the confidence that their soul and remains will rest in peace and a place where one is happy to return and commune with the dearly departed.

We are a fairly new cemetery and constantly developing the area to suit your needs. We are here to support each family to bid farewell to their departed loved ones in the most compassionate manner.

We provide a source of comfort to the living by providing a final resting place for the loved ones we lost.


The Mausoleum

Granite cladded Mausoleum where we will bury our loved ones in a wall of Mausoleum.

Urns of our departed family member are placed in a special part of the Mausoleum

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